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ZAMA | Dir. Lucrecia Martel | 2017 | 115 min
Presented in Spanish with English subtitles.

Lucrecia Martel’s long awaited cinematic return Zama is a feast for the senses. Based on Antonio di Benedetto’s classic 1956 Argentinean book of the same name, Martel has stamped her unique voice on the material and elevated proceedings by packing the film with cinematic and literary references. As a result, Zama brings a fresh insight to the colonial perspective.

In the late 18th century, Don Diego de Zama (Daniel Giménez Cacho) is an officer of the Spanish crown stationed in a remote South American town. He patiently goes about his daily tasks but his heart is set on a move to a more desired posting. Soon he realizes that in order to get his wish, he must put up with whatever is thrown his way, even if it comes at the cost of personal humiliation. To complicate matters, he slowly starts lusting after a noblewoman Luciana (Lola Dueñas, Broken EmbracesVolver) and that further torments him. Then there is the constant dread of Vicuña Porto, a famed bandit whose appears to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The heat, the lust, the threat of Vicuña Porto all slowly start to unravel Zama to a point where reality, myth and dreams collide. 

Stunningly shot and boasting a hypnotic score, Zama is an immersive cinematic experience unlike any film made in the last few years!

Note: Zama is Martel’s first film since 2008's The Headless Woman, a film that was shown as part of Calgary Cinematheque’s Focus series on “21st Century Cinema of Argentina”.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina 2017 - Nominated (Award of the Argentinean Academy, Best Film | Lucrecia Martel, Best Director | Lucrecia Martel, Best Actor | Daniel Giménez Cacho, Best Supporting Actor | Juan Minujín, Best Screenplay, Adaptation | Lucrecia Martel, Best Cinematography | Rui Poças, Best Editing | Karen Harley, Miguel Schverdfinger, Best Art Direction | Renata Pinheiro, Best Costume Design | Julio Suárez, Best Make Up | Marisa Amenta, Alberto Moccia, Best Sound | Guido Berenblum)
Seville European Film Festival 2017 - Won (Special Jury Award | Lucrecia Martel 

Zama is the fifth selection in our CONTEMPORARY WORLD CINEMA series.