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  • Globe Cinema 617 8 Ave SW Calgary, AB Canada (map)

RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN | Dir. Hong Sang-soo | South Korea | 121 min | PG 

The award winning new feature from renowned director Hong Sang-soo presents two lovely variations of a chance encounter, both of which feature the same characters. In the first segment, a film director arrives into town a day early for his film screenings and Q&A. Looking to kill some time, the director heads out sightseeing where he meets a local painter. A few conversations later, the alcohol flows freely which ensures the characters true emotions gush out, resulting in some awkward conversations and moments. In the second segment, the same characters are involved but the alcohol is toned down a little bit. This subtle change drastically alters the flow of events resulting in a different scenario. Both segments are vintage cinema which contain familiar elements from Hong Sang-soo’s films, such as topics of love, relationships, memories all fuelled by plenty of alcohol. However, by presenting us with two distinct versions of one story, Hong Sang-soo highlights how individuals personalities and a few decisions can push their lives in completely different paths.

RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN won the Golden Leopard (top prize) and best actor awards at the 2015 Locarno Film Festival. In addition, Film Comment named the film as the best undistributed film of 2015 while, it finished as the 2nd best undistributed film of 2015 in Indiewire's Year-End Critics poll.

RIGHT NOW, WRONG THEN is the fourth film in Calgary Cinematheque's Contemporary World Cinema Series. One-time opportunities to find rising masters and see critically acclaimed, under-exposed world cinema.