• The Plaza Theatre (map)
  • 1113 Kensington Rd NW
  • Calgary, AB, T2N
  • Canada

Fred C. Newmeyer & Sam Taylor | 1923 | USA | 70 Min

A Country boy (Harold Lloyd) heads to the big city to earn enough to marry his sweetheart. While working as a clerk in a department store, he talks the manager into offering $1000 to anyone who can bring more customers to the store. He then creates a publicity stunt by bringing his friend, the "human fly," to climb the face of the store building. Unfortunately the "human fly" is a wanted man, and when "The Law" comes calling, our hero must make the climb himself. At each ledge he encounters new difficulties, climaxing in the famous 'clock scene.' 

ABOUT THE RESTORATION: The DCP of Safety Last! was created from a 2K transfer of an original nitrate print. Over 300 hours of digital work went into cleaning the image. Composer Carl Davis then re-synced his original score to the restored master to create the best possible match for theatrical presentation.