Every season, we present several related films connected by themes, topics, movements, or filmmakers.

Mahler  (Ken Russell, 1975)

Mahler (Ken Russell, 1975)

Masters: Ken Russell

A true iconoclast among British filmmakers, and never beholden to decorum or conventional standards of good taste, Ken Russell’s films continue to maintain their ability to shock, awe, and delight. His is a decadent cinema suggesting that civilization may not be so civilized after all.


Office  (Johnnie To, 2015)

Office (Johnnie To, 2015)

FOCUS: World Musicals

With the introduction of sound to the cinematographic lexicon, the Hollywood musical very quickly became one of the preeminent public entertainments of the 1930s. Even now, when one thinks of musicals, one may well be inclined to envision the lavish spectacles of Hollywood or Bollywood. There is a general tendency to overlook the variations on the form, often uniquely characteristic of their national or cultural spheres, that continue to emerge from around the globe.


La Ceremonie  (Claude Chabrol, 1995)

La Ceremonie (Claude Chabrol, 1995)

SPOTLIGHT: Isabelle Huppert

First appearing on screen in 1971, Isabelle Huppert has amassed more than 130 credits over the course of a remarkable and varied career. Whether in her famous extended collaborations with Claude Chabrol and Michael Haneke or in one-off partnerships with a who’s who of contemporary notables, Huppert is famous for her icy intelligence, intensity of affect, and subtlety of craft.

Upcoming screenings

A Man of Integrity  (Mohammad Rasoulof, 2017)

A Man of Integrity (Mohammad Rasoulof, 2017)

Contemporary World Cinema

In our Contemporary World Cinema series, programmed on an ongoing basis, we present a selection of the most vital, challenging, and artistically cutting-edge films from around the world. Most importantly, these works of critical cinema will be presented in the cinema, as intended. Don’t miss these one-of-a-kind works, which likely will not return to theatres in Calgary.


All Quiet on the Western Front  (Lewis Milestone, 1930)

All Quiet on the Western Front (Lewis Milestone, 1930)

Library screening Series @ New Central Library

In partnership with the Calgary Public Library, these free Sunday afternoon screenings are paired with a lecture and guided conversation about each film’s artistic and cultural impact. One film from each of our programming series will be featured, as well as a special Remembrance Day screening. 


Duck Soup  (Leo McCarey, 1933)

Duck Soup (Leo McCarey, 1933)

Holiday / special screenings