2016-17 Program Preview

This upcoming season marks Calgary Cinematheque's 10th Year! We're pleased to announce the following series as part of our upcoming season, which runs September 2016 through April 2017. In addition to these three series, our Contemporary World Cinema series will return with bold and diverse films from different regions of the world.

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As one of the leading figures in the New German Cinema, Wim Wenders first two decades of cinema signify a long running study of time, roadways, Americana, and ghosts of cinema past. Long before "observational cinema" was a festival catch-phrase, Wenders was the critical eye that stared into the stasis and malaise of contemporary living. It comes as no surprise that a successful photography career became another creative arm of this restless spirit and longing eye.



A staple resident in the small community of paragon performers, Tilda Swinton has captured our attention for this season’s Annual Focus Series. We are excited to offer a quaint collection of films, each being a unique and robust example of her capacity as an actress and as an artistic ally. 





The 1990’s was a high point for American independent film and many of the directors who entered with a bang, like Kelly Reichardt and Todd Haynes, continue today to create works that stand out at Sundance and Tribeca. This series spotlights the breakout films that pushed against mainstream norms and first brought attention to these unique voices. 


Calgary Cinematheque brings people together to foster a critical cinema culture.

Here are our 2016/2017 SCREENINGS 

We are Calgary’s year-round champion of challenging and under-represented global cinema. Our eclectic programming features selected films that expand Calgary’s movie-going options to include benchmark retrospectives, classic restorations, masterworks, and acclaimed screen rarities. We curate programs constructed around thematic links, historical or current movements, and the work of individual artists. Our programming includes overlooked contemporary world cinema, discussion sessions with guest speakers, and community events. We frequently collaborate with other organizations including the University of Calgary, Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary Underground Film Festival, containR, and Theatre Junction.

As a local hub for cinema as an art form, Calgary Cinematheque has a dedicated member base and 600+ subscribers ranging from passionate cinephiles to the simply curious and adventurous among the filmgoing public. We offer Calgarians the chance to experience significant cinema in its full grandeur: on the big screen surrounded by an audience of film lovers. We build community around the enjoyment of cinema art in a shared theatrical experience.


Film is more than the twentieth-century art. It's another part of the twentieth-century mind. It's the world seen from inside. We've come to a certain point in the history of film. If a thing can be filmed, the film is implied in the thing itself. This is where we are. The twentieth century is on film. You have to ask yourself if there's anything about us more important than the fact that we're constantly on film, constantly watching ourselves.  - Don Delillo

Does art reflect life? In movies, yes. Because more than any other art form, films have been a mirror held up to society's porous face. - Marjorie Rosen

Our 2015-16 Season has now wrapped. Click on the links below for a critical analysis of the four series presented as part of Cinematheque's 2015-16 Season: